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Devious Journal Entry

Black Dragon Tiamat Commission
by NicoleCadet on DeviantArt

I've been doing a few different commissions over the last few months. I've had a bit of a rough time with health, so that's taken over things, but on the mend. Most of my updates are on http://www.nicolecadet.com , and I spend a lot of time over at twitter, instagram, and occassionally facebook too

2004 summary

I'm too lazy to repaste it, and last time I had wordpress autopost my account was locked out ... so if you're interested in my year visit here :D


Hope everyone had a great holiday season!


Goddess Sif ACEO
by NicoleCadet on DeviantArt
A personal piece of the Goddess Sif

New website up

Have updated my website, moved to a new theme where I had to do a lot of manual work, but much happier with the load times so far ... the other theme while lovely, did not handle the portfolio elegantly. I still have a bunch of backend stuff to do, like fixing the redirects *bleh* and sorting out the SEO.

So I apologise if there were some re-posts (I had to update a few internal links). So yeah, if you're bored, take a look http://www.nicolecadet.com

Website is temporarily down

My main website http://www.nicolecadet.com is temporarily down at the moment, though my email is not. I'm still online at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NicoleCadetFantasyArt, Twitter https://twitter.com/nicolecadet DeviantArt http://nicolecadet.deviantart.com/ and a few other places

Just finished this one!

Voodoo Witch DragonAge RPG portrait
by NicoleCadet on deviantART

Braids! Bird skills. Golden chains. Little bony beads. Dark skin. Lots of technical challenges, but an enjoyable piece that I'm happy with the result.

Sketchfest May 2014

Dance To Summon Winds

Dance To Summon Winds

Forest Queen

Forest Queen

This one is still available for purchase at http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestart.php?id=14845 for $25 including shipping.

Dark Fairy

Dark Fairy



This one is still available for sale at http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestart.php?id=14938 for $25 including shipping.

Originally published at Nicole Cadet Fantasy Art. You can comment here or there.

Beautiful Alien sketch

Beautiful Alien

A Photoshop 1 hour sketch for Sketchfest April. I had been watching “Space Pirate Captain Harlock”


Originally published at Nicole Cadet Fantasy Art. You can comment here or there.

 Multiple windows with the same image

This is just the beginning of a  collection of useful Photoshop tips that I use while painting. Although I work in CS5, the functionality should be available in higher versions of Photoshop, and possibly even some lower versions.

Sometimes I find it useful to have two copies of the image sitting side by side, so if I’m working close up, I can see how it looks against the overall painting. You can do a similar thing with the navigation window, but I prefer having two windows. It is great for if you’re colour matching different areas of the painting.

This doesn’t actually make two separate copies, it just makes two views of the same file. You can work in either window.

  1. If you’ve got multiple images open in Photoshop, make sure you select the image that you want to have duplicated in two windows.
  2. Go to Windows> Arrange > New Window for <YourFileName> . This creates the two windows.Duplicating Workspace
  3. Go to the Application bar at the top of the screen and select the Arrange Documents buttonArrange Document
  4. Choose whatever layout you want. I tend to have one primary window, and a second or possible third window to the right of the main.Arrange Documents
  5. And now we’re done!

Angel Arrange Workspace

And if you want to keep up with me on a regular basis, you can find me on @NicoleCadet on Twitter (random thoughts, this is where I most like to chat), nicolecadet on tumblr (reblogs of content from here), NicoleCadetFantasyArt at Facebook, and NicoleCadet on DeviantArt

Originally published at Nicole Cadet Fantasy Art. You can comment here or there.

Star field

Star field 1
by NicoleCadet on deviantART

Yesterday I got to work on time, and.... the building had been evacuated. Turned out to be a false alarm thankfully. Great way to start the day at work.

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