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 Multiple windows with the same image

This is just the beginning of a  collection of useful Photoshop tips that I use while painting. Although I work in CS5, the functionality should be available in higher versions of Photoshop, and possibly even some lower versions.

Sometimes I find it useful to have two copies of the image sitting side by side, so if I’m working close up, I can see how it looks against the overall painting. You can do a similar thing with the navigation window, but I prefer having two windows. It is great for if you’re colour matching different areas of the painting.

This doesn’t actually make two separate copies, it just makes two views of the same file. You can work in either window.

  1. If you’ve got multiple images open in Photoshop, make sure you select the image that you want to have duplicated in two windows.
  2. Go to Windows> Arrange > New Window for <YourFileName> . This creates the two windows.Duplicating Workspace
  3. Go to the Application bar at the top of the screen and select the Arrange Documents buttonArrange Document
  4. Choose whatever layout you want. I tend to have one primary window, and a second or possible third window to the right of the main.Arrange Documents
  5. And now we’re done!

Angel Arrange Workspace

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